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Roll Back Malaria

The RBM Partnership is the global framework to implement coordinated action against malaria. It mobilizes for action and resources and forges consensus among partners. The Partnership is comprised of more than 500 partners, including malaria endemic countries, their bilateral and multilateral development partners, the private sector, nongovernmental and community-based organizations, foundations, and research and academic institutions. It provides a neutral platform for consensus-building and hammering out strategic direction for policy, research and development.

Voices has been a regular partner on such mechanisms as the Sub-regional Networks- helping conduct advocacy for Global Fund, PMI, or World bank resources, and support technical assistance for country program implementation; the Alliance for Malaria Prevention (APM) to support LLIN campaign training across Africa; the Malaria Advocacy Working Group, particularly for advocacy message updates, report dissemination and collaboration with the AU and parliamentarian networks created by Voices. Voices country platforms have been important in the dissemination of new policies, funding opportunities, and generating successes to help sustain funding and interest in malaria control.