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The Global Fund

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria was created to dramatically increase resources to fight three of the world's most devastating diseases, and to direct those resources to areas of greatest need. The Global Fund, also known as the GFATM is a funding mechanism to increase resources to deliver critical resources to fight against AIDS, TB and Malaria. 

Voices has built a bank of success stories used to show the important work that has been achieved with GF resources, and these success stories are used to convince decision-makers to replenish the GFATM, or in Voices countries and with regional Parliamentarian groups to use the resources wisely in order to qualify for additional grant funds.  Another critical message shared by the Voices country platforms with African audiences is the need to complement GFATM resources with domestic financing.  Most recently, Voices has been promoting domestic African investment in malaria control, and this will continue to be a key message for the future. 

Voices has also assisted country programs to apply for Global Fund grant monies and to improve performance and reporting on existing grants. In recent years, Voices has collaborated with the Partnership office of the Global Fund to support advocacy to African leaders including Heads of State, Ministers of Health and Ministers of Finance in partnership with the African Union, calling on them to prioritize malaria control and use their resources for health more effectively.  The Global Fund is an important partner on the United Against Malaria Campaign, where any resources generated are awarded to the Global Fund for the purchase of life saving mosquito nets for Africa.