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African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA)

Created in September 2009, ALMA is an inter-governmental agency created for African Heads of State and governments who are committed to reaching the United Nations Secretary-General’s goal of ensuring universal access to malaria control interventions by the end of 2010, with the goal of ending preventable malaria deaths by 2015. 

ALMA and Voices collaborate to provide complimentary outreach to decision-makers in Africa to facilitate their commitments to end malaria.  While ALMA reaches out to Heads of State, Voices works closely with the Ministries of Health, Trade, Agriculture and Finance, etc., parliament and the private sector to monitor broad reaching malaria interventions as governmental priorities. ALMA’s Executive Secretary has spoken at several Voices events in Africa and the US, always underlining the importance of getting buy-in from the highest levels in order to rally the government and elected officials around malaria control. The African Union is a particularly salient example of a partner with whom Voices and ALMA work together to engage leaders in reaching the MDGs.