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Now that you understand the four pillars of the United Against Malaria campaign and have some simple ideas on how to be Malaria Safe, the online resources at www.malariasafe.org can help you take your malaria control program to the next level. These resources aim to supplement, not supplant, the excellent materials available elsewhere on the frontlines. Indeed, the intent is to provide our partners with the most comprehensive range of materials possible. Log on to find:

  • Advocacy materials on developing Malaria Safe activities in malaria prevention, transmission and case management (diagnosis and treatment)
  • Educational materials to help interested groups inform their employees, including drawings, leaflets, posters, banners and billboards that can be used as is or adapted for local context
  • Implementation strategies for indoor residual spraying (IRS) and intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy (IPT), which can be complex interventions that require a coordinated approach, as well as a sample communication strategy that outlines how the UAM campaign contributed to the needs and challenges faced by a malaria-endemic country program
  • The latest malaria control guidelines issued by the World Health Organization
  • Recent reports that trace the advances made in malaria control and outline the way forward
  • Contacts for those groups that would like to get more involved, order LLINs, or improve malaria control in their countries.

To order UAM bracelets

In bulk, email the following information to info@relate.org.za (or penne@relate.org.za if in the United States or Canada): name, organization, position, phone, fax and email contacts, shipping address, billing address, VAT number (for South African firms), desired quantity of bracelets (in boxes of 100), and desired delivery date. (Bracelets ship upon receipt of payment.)

Individually, buy online at www.digitalmall.com/uam. The UAM bracelets are handmade in Cape Town, South Africa, as an employment project for people affected by HIV/AIDS. Proceeds support these low-income men and women and protect communities across malaria-endemic Africa.

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