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In schools and offices, Tanzania's private sector celebrates World Malaria Day

This World Malaria Day, United Against Malaria partners old and new reached out to employees and communities across Tanzania, where approximately 60,000 malaria-related deaths occur each year.

A new partner in Tanzania, Total donated supply kits to local primary schools, providing children with pencils, rulers and other tools, and important UAM messages. The international oil and gas company also produced a colorful booklet to instruct young readers about sleeping under an insecticide-treated net and seeking proper treatment when malaria symptoms occur. Stickers, playing cards, and other games reinforced these messages.

On its employee campus, Total partnered with Voices and health officials to educate workers about malaria. The company held an information session, distributed educational materials, and branded its offices with UAM banners and T-shirts. The media was invited to attend both events.

Meanwhile, new partner BG Tanzania (British Gas) marked World Malaria Day with in-house medical training, where its doctors administered diagnostic tests, taught employees how to self-test for malaria, and discussed proper treatments such as artemisinin combination therapies. The international energy company distributed insecticide-treated nets, mosquito repellent and UAM polo shirts to its workers. It also donated medical equipment to the Mwananyamala District Hospital. Voices participated in the information session by screening Chumo, an award-winning drama about love and malaria.

A third company, longtime UAM partner Stanbic Bank engaged its workers in Malaria Safe training at its headquarters. Employees watched Chumo, learned how to protect their family members from malaria, and received free insecticide-treated nets.

Since the nationwide launch of Malaria Safe—UAM’s private sector malaria control program—in 2012, some 53 private sector companies are now engaged in workplace initiatives, with the direct support and encouragement of Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda and Minister of Health and Social Welfare Hussein Mwinyi.

Learn more about Malaria Safe.

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