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Malaria Safe partner Volta River Authority aids Ghana bednet campaign

Public-private partnerships form a critical piece of successful malaria control efforts in Ghana. This year United Against Malaria partner Volta River Authority (VRA), a hydroelectric power supplier, is collaborating with local health officials to distribute long-lasting insecticide treated nets in communities where it operates.

The nets will benefit pregnant mothers and children under 5 years of age as part of a national routine distribution that will last the entire year, a collaboration between VRA’s health directorate and the Asuogyaman district’s health management team. It also represents a key action designed to promote malaria prevention in the VRA malaria control strategy, which protects not only employees but community members in the Lake Volta region. Voices Ghana worked closely with VRA officials to design the strategy, which incorporates several pillars of Malaria Safe, Voices' private sector initiative. Voices is also supporting the distribution with its behavior change communication materials.

Frederick Larbi, a human resources officer at VRA (pictured above), says the company wants to not only generate electricity, but also awareness about malaria. "Our continued partnership with UAM is very crucial to the success of the fight against malaria," he says. "We can’t do it alone."

Since launching their malaria control strategy last November, VRA has not only partnered with Voices and local health management teams, but also the National Malaria Control Program. Larbi says that collaboration has drawn the attention of other private sector companies in Ghana and that he hopes it will serve as a model for others to follow.

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