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Voices for a Malaria Free Future Celebrates End of the Project

January 14, 2014

Nearly 100 malaria prevention advocates gathered for the Voices for a Malaria Free Future End of Project Celebration, which was held at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health on January 14. View the full event agenda and learn more about the Voices for a Malaria Free Future successes from our case studies.

The event focused on how private sector can effectively advocate to mobilize resources for malaria control programs. After a welcoming speech by Claudia Vondrasek, Voices Project Director  the event opened with a keynote speech from Dr. David Holtgrave, Chair, Health Behavior and Society at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, followed by a number of speakers who explored on the successes of Voices and lessons learned by the project during its 7 years lifetime.

Dr. Matthew Lynch, Director of Global Malaria Programs and Claudia Vondrasek, Project Director touched upon the story of the Voices for a Malaria Free Future Project (I, II and III). Session speakers included Dr. Marc Boulay, Research Director, Anna McCartney-Melstad, Senior Program Officer, David Kyne, Director at Kyne Communications, Kathryn Bertram, Program Officer and Leah Scandurra, M&E Officer. The following Panel Discussion adressed, among other topics, data collection in the private sector, the successes of the UAM campaign and advocacy efforts with highest level political leadership. Susan Krenn, Director, Center for Communication Programs, made the final wrap up remarks.  


Voices for a Malaria Free Future project recognized the inspirational efforts of the 115 companies who joined Malaria Safe initiative. The Malaria Safe case studies offer readers a chance to understand how companies have been able to protect their employees and customers. We hope that these success stories will inspire more partners to take action, as they provide inspiring models for building successful partnerships in the fight against malaria. Click on an image (on the right sidebar) to access the case studies. 


It celebrated the successes it achieved in the countries, where it mobilized public and private sector partners in support of malaria control. Click on the images to read the full country profiles.